What we can offer to our business clients

If you are a financial adviser, a mortgage broker, accountant, solicitor, employee benefits provider or another B2C entity we would be delighted to talk to you.

We already work with many similar organisations adding further value to the services they already provide and ensuring your clients are in a safe pair of hands.

Face-to-face meetings

We believe that face-to-face meetings remain the most valuable method of interaction. Valuable to the customer or client to provide them with the proper opportunity to ask questions. Valuable to the organisation providing the services to ensure that everything can be properly explained and explored.

We conduct face-to-face meetings (or Skype/FaceTime) on behalf of various organisations including Solicitors, Will-writers, Independent Financial Advisers and Estate administration/probate specialists.

Our network of consultants allows us to cover England and Wales.

Meetings are held where your client or customer wants to meet and at a time they want to meet.

Probate/Estate administration

Our fixed price services range from assisting with the process through to completing all of the work. Tailored to the needs of the client or customer.

We can provide you with a bereavement support line as well as conducting appointments on your behalf. We are confident you can compare our pricing with your current provider and we will be highly competitive and in the main cheaper for your client.

We also promise to beat any like-for-like quote too.

Rest assured that none of this compromises customer service. We still believe the family visit for fact find is an integral part of customer satisfaction and that too remains at the core of our service.

We also keep you posted so that you can work with the family to ensure they are protected and prepared for the future.


Brook Worthy Law can provide the complete back office solution for Will Writers and Estate Planners:

Bespoke drafting service (overseen by STEP members) of the following documents:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

Client liaison. Let us deal with your clients from the point of drafting your documents to ensure:
Documents are sent out in a timely manner with full instructions

  • Documents are bound for your clients
  • PDF copies of signed Wills are kept
  • Documents are safely stored away and storage receipts/certificates are sent to the testator and/or executors. Storage is free.


We are offer free storage for documents via our sister company Brook Worthy Store.

  1. You fill a document storage box with 100 documents, manifest what’s inside.
  2. We will collect the box and replace it with another empty box. No postage costs into store.
  3. We administer into storage at a cost of £1 per document.

No fiddly unnecessary tracking systems or codes.

Your boxes will be stored together, not mixed with anyone else’s, so if you ever want to store elsewhere you can remove them en-masse without lots of hassle.

You produce your own receipts and executor cards with your logo and your contact details.

Presentation services

It might be that you have a group of clients or a target audience you wish to reach.

We regularly speak to the public in groups or employee groups about Wills Trusts Mental Capacity and Care.

We have our own equipment and are very happy to white label our presentation if necessary.

We work on a flat fee basis anywhere in England and Wales.

Of Course we could fulfil the resultant leads!

Securing a legacy for your business

We all know winning a customer can be expensive so capturing ancillary services during their client journey is vital for your business to be healthy.

We offer Free document storage to your clients including back catalogue in order that you can increase the opportunity of Probate notifications.

We have Deputyship services that mean if the client has lost capacity all is not lost for the family.

We have Capacity Assessment services so the family can be sure of a course of action or defend a position in the case of challenged or doubted capacity.

We have Professional Care advisors who can help the family understand their rights and opportunity’s as well as help inspecting the right Support or Residential Facility

We have Property Management professionals who, as well as secure value, clear and market properties consider improving properties at their own cost prior to sale.

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