Our aim is to help you protect your wealth and your family

Will writing

Everyone needs a Will but most people simply never get around to it.

We call at a time and place of your choosing to guide you through the whole process. We then translate your wishes into a legally binding document written, as far as possible, in plain English.

Our wills start at £150 inc VAT per person.

We will hold your will (and other documents you might wish us to keep) in a safe and secure storage facility through our sister company Brook Worthy Store.  To gain access to your documents, simply contact us.  In the first instance, we will ask that you write to us.

  • If the testator has passed away there will be no charge for retrieval and we can help you with guidance.
  • For any other reason we charge a retrieval fee (currently £15 inc VAT per person) and will return your will by Royal Mail’s Signed-For service.

If you are thinking about setting up a will, please contact us to find what information we are likely to need and also to give you an indication of the price.

How do I update my will?
Easily, just contact us.  If we have visited you recently and the changes are straightforward we may be able to do it by post.  Otherwise we will arrange to visit you again and advise you what fees you might need to pay.  If you are a Family Assist or Willcare client please contact us to see what fees, if any, apply.

I’m the executor of my Dad’s will and he’s just died. What do I do?
Contact us, we are very experienced in giving advice in these situations.  Our initial advice is free.  We help many families and beneficiaries with the job of administering the estate for you we will arrange to quote a fixed all inclusive fee in conjunction with one of our panel of partners.  Contact us to see how we can help or to discuss the next steps.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney gives the right to make decisions, perhaps to a friend or relative, about almost any aspect of your property or financial affairs or in matters of your personal welfare. For example, if you fear that you may not be able in the future to make decisions, perhaps due to a progressive illness. If you have elderly people who rely on you for help then a Lasting Power of Attorney is needed to protect both them and you. If this document is arranged now, it can save so many difficulties for your family but unfortunately most people leave it until it is too late.

When the Lasting Power of Attorney is needed it must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. The registration process can be tricky and costs money, but this pales into insignificance compared to the process of appointing a Receiver for a patient who is mentally incapable and who has NOT got a Lasting Power of Attorney. This can take many months, cost a fortune and the Receiver then has to account to the Public Guardianship Office annually for all of the income and expenditure of the patient. To rub salt into the wound, the Office of the Public Guardian also take a percentage of the annual income for the privilege of overseeing the accounts.

Trusts & Protecting Your Wealth

A lot of people want to protect their assets for their chosen beneficiaries. Vulnerabilities include remarriage, divorce, bankruptcy and means testing. This can sometimes be more of a problem than Inheritance Tax.

If you are concerned for the future, then we may be able to help with a Trust.


Probate is a legal requirement and can be a complex and onerous task. It can be helpful to appoint a professional Executor to carry out the process and to relieve others of the burden.

There are many things to organise when someone dies and it is easy to forget vital steps or become overwhelmed.

Remember, none of the assets can be distributed until probate is granted and liabilities are settled, so an efficient service means there is one less thing for family to worry about at a difficult time.

We have formed successful partnerships with a panel of specialists and can provide varying levels of assistance to our clients with Probate and Estate Administration.  Our approach is professional and avoids the ‘ticking meter’ approach to legal bills.  We believe that clients should know how much a service will cost right at the outset.  Initially one of our consultants will visit you, and the other Executors, in your own home to talk you through the process and agree with you how much help you need, from a full end-to-end service to perhaps just helping with some aspects of the work.

Once we have established the complexity of the estate, they will then quote you for all the work involved. This includes:

  • Contacting all asset holders and creditors
  • Producing draft accounts for the estate and paying any inheritance tax from funds available
  • Preparing documentation for HMRC and the Probate Office
  • Making the application for the Grant of Probate
  • Calling in assets and putting them into a designated client account
  • Communication with all beneficiaries, including informing them of legacies and bequests
  • Producing final accounts and closing the estate

Why not talk to us today? Our Estate Administration Team are here to advise and you are under no obligation at all.

We can either cover the whole process or help you with elements of it – you decide.  Our prices are competitive and we guarantee to match any like for like quotation.

Family Assist - our aftercare service

Changing your documents.

  • Families change as do family dynamics
  • Assets change
  • Legislation changes
  • People want to change their executors, their beneficiaries or want to update addresses

All reasons why you will need to amend your will or perhaps add elements to it.  Please note, we don’t write codicils as we prefer to rewrite the will rather than you having two documents that could become separated.  We don’t charge extra for this approach

Many families ask for our help when the time comes to retrieve a Will following the death of the testator.  Often children pay for advice at great expense when they were most vulnerable. We think this is wrong.

We have put together this service to provide a number of benefits because we know nearly all these things affect almost every family.  We want you to have the peace of mind that you are truly protecting your loved ones.

This services includes keeping you up-to-date, ongoing advice, upgrading your documents and protecting your family. For full information about this service, please read here.

How much will it cost?

For more information about how much our services cost, please take a look at the information here.