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What our seminars cover

  • How to try and minimise the impact third parties might have by using trusts to protect family wealth.
  • How to pass wealth down the generations in a controlled manner.
  • How to protect your estate from the effects of bankruptcy and divorce.
  • How Inheritance Tax works
  • Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate.
  • Funeral Plans

More information

Our seminars are free and held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere without any selling and without obligation. Each lasts around 90 minutes. We also welcome other family members to attend with you if you wish.

We will give you clear factual information on how you can legally protect your home and/or hard earned savings from threats to your loved ones inheritance, dispelling any myths along the way. We present in plain English without jargon or, where this can’t be avoided, explain the jargon you need to know.

You have the freedom to ask us questions, either during the seminar or, if your prefer, on a one-to-one basis after each seminar.

At the end of the seminar you will be provided with a pack containing information sheets and details of how you and your family can benefit from our services. You can book a free no-obligation consultation then or subsequent to the seminar.

All services have fixed prices communicated to you in advance.

We also aim to provide free parking and refreshments.

Testimonials from some of our clients

“I’m glad my daughter made us come – I discovered what I thought was the law was not and I discovered that, without proper advice, my family could have faced unneccesary expense and heartache”

Keith & Sally, Brighton.

“What I learned proved invaluable, Well worth the morning out”.

Dr G, Rutland.

“Your presentation today surprised us all.  Many I know thought I had arranged for a dreary subject to be laid before us.  How wrong they were!  Humorous presentation, your display of professional knowledge and cautionary demonstrations suited the audience well.”

KC, Solicitor retired.

From a follow up consultation:

“A thoroughly professional and compassionate service with total integrity”

WM, Hampshire

“We discovered we knew very little about what could happen after we had gone, this made us review and plan properly!”

AWR, Manchester

“I was widowed a few years ago and thought that the will my husband and I made would be good enough. He would have been very angry to understand how vulnerable I was before coming to the seminar”

Rachel, Hampshire

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